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Rabu, 18 Februari 2009

Healthy Choice

Weight Loss Program Diet Tips - How to Create Healthy Food Cravings
Original Article was written By Paul W. Whitten

Why do we crave unhealthy foods? A healthy weight loss diet program often becomes a battleground between our desire to lose weight quickly, and snack cravings based on unhealthy food choices. If you have created a pattern of eating ice cream for pleasure or when under stress, it should be no surprise that you will have a hankering for ice cream under the right conditions. If we can do this, a bland tasting weight loss supplement could become just as desirable as a sweet roll.

The same goes for double chocolate chip ice cream. The taste for coffee and chocolate must be learned through exposure to these foods and their flavors. If people who live in more primitive cultures in the jungle can have a hankering to snack on creepy-crawly insects unique to their habitat, surely we can develop our own desire for a decent, healthy snack, healthy fast food, and healthy food recipe choices when preparing meals.

So how do we re-program ourselves to turn a craving for sweets into something on the healthy food list? The results showed that new cravings can be formed to replace old ones, even though the new ones are based on bland, healthy foods, and the original ones were the tried and true fat and sugar tasty delights. I've addressed some healthy snack ideas to use for re-training our cravings in another article. (It contains healthy snack ideas that also apply to children.) For now, I'll give just a few examples of healthy snack food substitutions.

Ovaltine is not like the junky chocolate milk mixes pitched to kids. Think of it instead as a healthy fast food snack. Step two: Purchase a good chocolate flavored whey protein mix from your local health food supplier (or the flavor of your choice) and use it instead of the Ovaltine. Now you've turned a fat and sugar ice cream binge into a healthy fast food choice: a protein supplement! You won't be tempted to eat anything as quickly as you would if you had succumbed and eaten ice cream.

People actually craved the bland tasting healthy snack food in preference to their old unhealthy treats.

You'll be craving healthy foods and snacks in no time.

Tips on Eating Healthy Food For the Whole Family
Original Article was written By Orlando Racelis

Are you having difficulty in walking lately? Are you suffering from knee joint pain? Do you feel tired so easily? In this article, we will try to show you how eating the right food can put you back into shape.

Try to avoid fatty foods and sweetened food as you grow older. Here are the ingredients that you should try to avoid when trying to lose or maintain weight:

  • Foods that contain a lot of sugar.
  • Foods that contain high amounts of calories.
  • Foods that contain a high level of starch.
  • Foods that contain a lot of sugar.
  • Foods that tend to add weights quickly. Sample of foods that adds weight quickly are various types of snacks, soda and similar beverages, alcohol, and breads. Pasta and rice had been known to pack on weights too!

Foods that contain water, vitamins, protein, and minerals are most recommended. These types of healthy nutritional foods will help strengthen and tone the body.

Foods that are rich in these healthy ingredients will help to increase the metabolism in the body too. Some of the healthy foods are the following: various types of rice, salad, various types of fiber rich cereals, fruits, all kinds of vegetables, different kinds of wine, and baked meats.

Nowadays, there are many healthy meals and snacks that are readily available in a fast food restaurants. Eating the right food is simple and easy. Healthy and complete nutritional food is the whole family's choice.

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