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Jumat, 30 Januari 2009

Cook For Diabetes

One of the tools for managing Type 2 diabetes is a healthy diet. But staying on that diet can be hard if you eat at restaurants a lot. Cooking at home can really help you control your calories, carbs and fat grams. And now that the economy is faltering, it's also wise to eat at home, just to save money.

So, cooking can be a win-win if you have diabetes. But what if you're not especially talented in the kitchen? Need skills? Need recipes? The guides can help.

Learning to cook? Get the skills.

Healthy recipes to get you started.

More from your diabetes guide...

The Health Guides at can help you take control of what you eat and how much you spend. Armed with a little kitchen savvy and some great recipes, you can master cooking at home, which will help your health and your wallet.

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