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Minggu, 11 Januari 2009

Tips For a Good Medical Diabetics Treatment

Are you still looking for an endocrinologist? Here are some tips from Lyle Mitzner, M.D., at Joslin Diabetes Center to make the whole process a LOT easier:
  • Check with your insurance company first to see which physicians it covers.
  • Know the right places to look. Do research on these places to narrow your search down.
  • Ask family and friends or check with a local hospital for recommendations.
  • If you're going to an academic center, make sure the endocrinologist has a particular interest in your condition, as many doctors in academic centers are specialized to the point that they only see thyroid, diabetes or pituitary disorders, according to Mitzner.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions to make sure it's the right fit.
  • Check out their credentials: where did they go to medical school, are they specialized in the right area, is he or she board certified, where did they complete their fellowship program?
  • Make sure they are someone you can trust, communicate well with and establish a long-term relationship with. During the first visit, inform them of the details of your lifestyle and health history to make sure they suit your needs.
Source: Joslin Diabetes Center

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