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Selasa, 12 Mei 2009

Facial Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture For Wrinkles?

This original article was written by Janet Martin

Here’s a point worth considering: if you want to prevent wrinkles, visit your friendly neighborhood acupuncturist. Promoters of facial acupuncture claim this procedure can literally take years off your face since it eliminates facial lines, eye bags, and other skin problems.

Proponents say regular treatments can stimulate the flow of blood and energy through the skin and delay the signs of aging.

Acupuncture is grounded on the belief that the body has a life force called qi or chi that flows smoothly as long as the masculine and feminine aspects of the body called yin and yang respectively remain in balance. If not, disease and health problems may occur.

The needles are gently twisted, vibrated, heated or cooled to release blocked energy and restore the body’s energy balance. Similarly, by inserting needles into the face, acupuncturists believe they can help stimulate the body’s healing energy and prevent wrinkles from appearing. “The face has a high number of acupuncture points, says qualified acupuncturist and naturopath Stephen Langley, who specializes in the treatment. “Treatment consists of 45-minute sessions where the face is treated with ultra-fine needles at specific points. Treatment can boost appearance, reduce toxins and make the skin appear younger but it's worth remembering that it's a subtle effect that isn't going to make wrinkles disappear forever,” said Jocelyn Gray of the British Acupuncture Council.

If the thought of sticking needles into your face sounds frightening, don’t despair. One of them is Dermaxin, an anti-wrinkle cream that penetrates deep into the skin to restore your skin’s healthy, radiant glow.

Acupuncture Schools - Selecting The Right Acupuncture School For You

This original article was written by Helen Hecker

You might be thinking about a career in Acupuncture. See if your state is on the national list of about 50 Acupuncture schools with accredited programs. You want to opt for an acupuncture school whose program emphasizes courses in traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is just one part of the traditional Chinese medicine.

Acupuncture school education and training requirements can total from 2500 to 4000 credit hours. You may want to find an acupuncture school that offers small classes. Acupuncture schools may offer the science and the philosophy of acupuncture also. For naturopathy schools that do offer acupuncture programs see the List of Accredited Natural Medicine Colleges in North America. And check with your selected school. Talk to the financial aid counselors at the acupuncture school or college you're considering and ask if they have any suggestions for scholarships, grants or loans. Internships in acupuncture take place in acupuncture clinics or clinical settings, usually in the third year.

Acupuncture is also used for arthritis, headaches, migraine headaches, quitting smoking, weight loss, fertility, fibromyalgia, depression, insomnia, face lifts as in facial acupuncture, back pain, high blood pressure, pregnancy, cosmetic purposes, anxiety, Cohn’s disease, asthma, and for dogs and other animals as in veterinary acupuncture.

As an acupuncturist you could choose to have a cosmetic acupuncture or facial acupuncture practice or a veterinary acupuncture clinic. Once you're licensed or practicing acupuncture as a student in training, never attempt to use acupuncture to treat potentially life-threatening symptoms such as extreme shortness of breath or chest pain. Keep your allopathic doctor or your naturopathic doctor informed about any alternative medical technique or procedure you undertake.

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