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Senin, 20 April 2009

Healthy Eating Food

Teaching Preschoolers How To Choose Healthy Food

This original article was written by Kentaro Konika

Preschool nutritional programs emphasize the importance of healthy eating by combining all food groups in a daily menu plan. Establishing healthy eating habits for children includes modeling their eating habits at home so that when they enter the school environment, they can make healthy selections.

The guidelines for teaching kids a healthy eating plan should include:

· Children should ingest a variety of foods. * Teach little ones to balance the kinds of food they eat to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy body

· Teach children moderation in the amounts and kinds of foods they consume. Eating foods high in fat content or consuming too many sugary snacks should be limited.

The USDA has specific guidelines for little ones from the age of 2-8. Finding a healthy eating plan for your child will include selections from each of the five food groups.

* Bread and Grains: 6 servings a day

These foods provide energy for activity and growth. Little ones should ingest some whole grain items.

* Milk & Milk Products: 3-4 servings a day

These products provide needed calcium for strong teeth and bones. Little ones from 2 to 8 years of age should ingest 2 cups per day of fat-free or low-fat milk or its equivalent in milk products.

* Fruits - 2 servings per day

The amount of fruits little ones should eat is determined by their calorie needs.

* Meats, Beans & Nuts: 2 servings per day

Meats, beans & nuts provide protein and iron to form muscles.

Limit the number and amount of sugary snacks your child is eating. Sugary snacks contain weight problems and cavities.

Traditional Chinese Food Is The Best

This original article was written by Kentaro Konika

Chinese food is famous all around the world, and not without reason. If you're wondering what to expect from traditional Chinese food then forget what you've experienced in your own country. The real food of China is so much better that foreign imitation pale in comparison. Whilst sweet and sour is a popular dish in the West, many Chinese chefs wouldn't even dream of cooking it. Whilst sweet and sour still exists in China it's nothing like the sweet and sour that we experience in Western restaurants.

China has a very long history rich with tradition. Whilst the food lacked the sophistication of today's cooking there was already a deep consideration for healthy eating.

The Chinese Dynasties saw a huge range of ideas develop alongside an increasing variety of foods. The best chefs competed with each other for royal approval, hoping to be appointed as royal chefs. The best dishes created by the chefs combined fine food and health benefits for which they received rich rewards.

Those dishes which became most popular became food that the wealthiest across China dined upon. Thanks to modern transportation regional specialties are available all across China, giving an even greater variety of flavors from the vast Chinese country. Chinese food is not only famous for its flavor but also its names. One difficulty many foreigners have with ordering Chinese food is the language barrier. Chinese menus are written in Chinese characters - a notoriously difficult language which takes a long time to learn.

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