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Sabtu, 18 April 2009

Nutrition Major

Optimal Nutrition For Optimal Health And Wellness

This original article was written by Darrell Miller-1603

The Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine, US National Academy of Sciences, has been setting national standards for nutrient intake for over 60 years. The recommendations are often referred to and known as the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs). Similar standards to the US RDAs have been adopted in over 40 countries. RDAs were originally developed during World War II when it was determined that a comprehensive set of standards was necessary to establish scientifically valid baselines for nutrient intake.

The RDAs were not designed or never intended, to address the ideal levels of intake required for optimal health.

In some cases, these revisions have resulted in the lowering of the recommended intake of certain nutrients.

The basis that the American population is healthysimply because its citizens do not exhibit classical symptoms of clinical nutritional deficiencies is extremely flawed. The incidence of heart disease is that major killer and reflects the dietary and lifestyle choices, while the rising prevalence of several cancers, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and neurodegenerative disorders threaten to take over our healthcare systems.

The dramatic increase in the consumption of nutritional supplements in order to achieve long-term health has not gone unnoticed by the pharmaceutical industry or the regulatory authorities in North America, as some governments have developed recommendations on tolerable upper levels of intake for several nutrients. Since RDA recommendations define the lower limits of daily nutrient intake that are necessary to avoid acute nutritional deficiencies, they do not address the requirements for optimal nutrition, as they were not designed to do so. Because of this, some governments are considering using the US RDAs to limit the levels of nutrients that are needed in commercial dietary supplements.

Natural vitamins are available at your local or internet health food store.

The Importance Of Good Health Nutrition

This original article was written by Elizabeth T James

Your body is a temple and health nutrition is important for a long life of good quality. Given the ageing population of the planet, with people living longer and longer, it is important to make the best of health diet nutrition to guarantee that your old age isn't spent with your body connected to machines. Obesity is also a major problem.

The Benefits of Health Diet Nutrition

Learning about healthy food is important. Maintaining a balanced diet comprising health nutrition foods does not mean you shouldn't spoil yourself a little once in a while.

For optimum health diet nutrition, it is important that you try and maintain a balance between the major food groups in your diet. For example, foods that contain additives and salt and are overly processed are obviously less healthy than foods that are fresh. Again, let common sense dictate your diet decisions.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that it is the delicious foods that will usually kill you. If you don't feel confident about eating right or if you are surrounded by junk food all the time and feel there's no alternative, you should go and see a nutritionist. You can eat all the important foods without craving junk. Nutritionists will cater to your whims and offer you health diet nutrition choices that are equally delicious but less toxic to your body so you don't have to feel like you’re sacrificing too much in order to enjoy a healthy diet.

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