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Rabu, 08 April 2009

Healthy Living Articles

Healthy Eating and Healthy Living

This original article was written by Alister Barrow

· Health is Wealth…!

· Make a perfect diet plan to eat healthy!

· Healthy eating can keep you physically and mentally fit


1. Aerated drinks can cause stress; replace it with fresh fruit juice.

2. Take less caffeine to control stress and nerve tension. Green tea or herbal tea can be a good option which contains antioxidants that reduce stress and keep you fresh for the whole day. Caffeine intake after dinner can disturb sleep.

3. Take small meals more frequently instead of larger ones.

4. Keep fruits, vegetables, nuts, and sprouts in the daily intake.

5. Take brown bread or whole wheat bread.

6. Take fruit diet once a weak.

7. Make salad with chopped vegetables sprinkled with salt, pepper, and lemon juice.

8. Keep an eye on calorie consumption.

9. Consume a few pods of garlic everyday.


1. Don't skip meals, especially breakfast as it affects the quantity of glucose in the blood. # Don't eat just to get rid of stresses. Avoid binge eating.

2. Don't go into crash diet to reduce weight drastically. You may suffer serious health problem.

3. Don't take too much of the following foods: Oily or fried foods, Sugary and starchy food. Refined flour and white bread, Red meat.

4. Try this diet chart-

5. Morning 8 o'clock - A fruit along with some dry fruits.

6. Morning 9 o'clock - Vegetable juice along with some nuts; you may take milk with honey and almond too, toast with poached egg white.

7. Lunch - Rice or brown bread, 1 cup of yoghurt, sprouts and salad, 1 bowl cooked vegetables.

8. Tea -- A cup of tea with or without milk (try to avoid sugar), nuts, 1 or 2 sandwiches

9. Dinner - Brown rice/bread, vegetables, pulses, tofu, fish/chicken/meat (small help)

10. Eating a balanced and healthy diet, doing regular exercises and having a stress free mind…these are the secrets of healthy life. Check yourself…!!

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