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Jumat, 03 April 2009

Healthy Eating Children

Healthy Eating For Children
Executive Summary about Healthy Meal for children By Rhonda Tournay

Getting children to eat can be a battle all on its own. Then add eating healthy and most parents throw their hands up in the air declaring it to be next to impossible.

Here you will learn tips for helping your children to eat and to eat healthy.

Two requirements For Healthy Eating

The number one requirement for your children to eat healthy is to ensure that there are healthy foods in the house. That means fridge, freezer and cupboards are stocked with healthy food choices. I won't go so far as to say remove all of the junk food, but then again if you really want your children eating healthy removing the junk food means removing the option of eating unhealthy at least at home!

The second requirement for your children to eat healthy is for you to set the example. If you continue to try this style of parenting don't be surprised when your children follow your example.

7 Tips For Healthy Eating

Tip 1

Involve your children in meal planning. Giving your children choice often eliminates mealtime struggles. This does not mean that your children determine what the household will eat for every meal. This sends a very strong message to children. I highly recommend that your child be allowed to choose one dinner per week for the family.

Tip 2

Involve your children in meal preparation. Children are much more likely to eat something that they have prepared.

Tip 3

Use child friendly recipes. There are many websites that dedicate a recipe section to child friendly recipes. Simply do a web search on child or kid friendly healthy recipes and your choices are endless. Chatelaine's website you can actually search for healthy kid friendly recipes by entering the information into their drop box. Click on this link and here you will find a wonderful list of child friendly healthy recipe's

Tip 4

On your dinning room or kitchen table keep a basket with ready to eat fruit. Oranges, Banana's and washed apples.

Tip 5

Better yet let your children make the dip. For a quick dip try using your favourite salad dressings ranch or cucumber salad dressing are my families favourite for dipping veggies. Many children who do not like cooked veggies love them raw!

Tip 6

In your fridge keep a ready to eat fruit tray. Purchase a container of cool whip lite and let it defrost. My children love their dip made with the strawberry, orange banana crystal lite. Mix and serve.

Tip 7

Whenever I made pasta for dinner or used a pasta sauce for topping veal, chicken etc. I added veggies. Always consult a doctor before having your children take a multi-vitamin or cooking with vitamin and mineral supplements.

Healthy Eating For Children - Surest Way to Complete Growth

Executive Summary about Healthy Meal for children By Tania Hackner

Entire growth of children whether physical as well as mental depends completely on their eating habits. Everybody knows well that children are supposed to eat healthy and nutritional foods. We always try to ensure healthy eating for children. For making your children habitual of healthy eating it is important to inculcate these habits right from their birth. Stop giving sweets and snack rather replace it with fruits. Try to steer children for healthy eating by giving them variety of fruits so that they could change their taste. The best way to promote healthy eating for children is to involve them in shopping. If your children have selected something then he will show interest in eating it. Drinking plenty of water is also very important for children. Mostly children ignore it so you should encourage them to drink water frequently. Prefer giving your children fish instead of meat as fish contain Omega 3 fatty acids. As much as possible you should try to give fresh fruits and full grain bread to children.

You can't go on following unhealthy habits while asking the children to do otherwise. Become an example by eating healthy and choosing healthier options.

Eat healthy and eat together and your children will slowly follow you and most probably with stick to it for life!

Good health is not a struggle, nor it is an extraordinary feat. Healthy living is about understanding what your body needs and what is good for it. Re-discover good health in a simple way with Tania Hackner and make good health a way of living!.For more information and advice on Healthy eating for children Please visit us at

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